First MSc students graduating from the Lab of Cancer Biology - June 6, 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014 09:24

We are happy to congratulate our enthusiastic and talented M.Sc. students for successful conclusion of their thesis work and wish them good luck in future endeavors!




  Annika Jürimäe: „Identification of long-circulating peptides using in vivo phage display“. The aim of Annika’s work was to identify peptides that increase phage blood half-life and can be used as RES-avoiding peptides on synthetic nanoparticles.







  Kairit Kukk: “In vitro interactions of tumor-penetrating peptides with spontaneous tumours of dogs and cats”. This work characterized ex vivo binding, internalization and penetration of a panel of tumor homing peptides to a panel of spontaneous  veterinary tumors. 









  Vidrik Teder: „Serum ratiometric diagnostic peptide screening using in vivo phage display“. The aim of Vidrik’s  work was to identify peptides that modulate blood clearance of nanoparticles in tumor-dependent manner.