T7 phage display platform development

  1. Development of ultralow background T7 libraries, including long circulating T7 libraries deficient in  liver uptake

  2. High-throughput DNA sequencing-based in vitro, ex vivo and in  vivo  biopanning

  3. Development of bioinformatics tools for peptide data mining

Development of nanoparticles for precision-guided drug delivery and imaging of malignant lesions

  1. Polymersomes

  2. Iron oxide nanoworms

  3. Silver nanoparticles

Tumor modeling

  1. Xenograft and synegeneic models of prostate, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and gastric carcinoma, melanoma, and glioma

  2. Development of patient-derived xenograft models of  glioma and peritoneal carcinomatosis

Intravital imaging using the following equipment

  1. Olympus FV1200MPE two photon microscope

  2. Optix MX3 (Art Advanced Research Technologies Inc.) fluorescence-luminescence imager

  3. Illumatool  fluorescence imager (Lightools Research Inc.)

  4. The Bruker 9.4T horizontal bore MRI scanner