Friday, 22 December 2023 00:04

New Faces and Exciting Projects: Welcoming Researchers to Our Team in 2023

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, our team has grown stronger with the addition of talented researchers, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to our collaborative efforts.

Antonella Rocchi MSc: Antonella joined us as a visiting PhD student from Prof. Christian Celia’s lab at the University of Chieti G. D’Annunzio / University of L’Aquila, Italy. Her focus lies in the development of peptide-guided nanoparticles for the treatment of the deadly brain tumor, glioblastoma. We are excited to benefit from her expertise and international collaboration.

Jorgen Holm MSc and Jhalak Sethi MSc: These two dynamic individuals have embarked on their PhD journeys with us in fall 2023. Their projects center around the development of homing peptides capable of targeting infiltrative glioma lesions in the brain, serving as nanoparticle guiding ligands. Their dedication promises innovative contributions to our ongoing research.

Rasmus Enno BSc: Rasmus, our MSc student, has delved into the fall semester with a focus on the expression of recombinant receptors for homing peptides. His work also involves the development of novel methodologies for the identification of homing peptide receptors, showcasing a commitment to advancing our understanding in this field.

Kristina Rabi: As a BSc student, Kristina has joined our laboratory with a dual role. Beyond her research efforts aimed at improving in vivo playoff technology, she actively supports our team as a lab assistant, bringing valuable contributions to our phage display-related activities.

As we welcome these talented individuals, we look forward to the diverse perspectives and collaborative spirit they bring to our team. Together, we aim to make significant strides in the fascinating realms of nanomedicine and precision targeting.