Thursday, 04 February 2021 09:46

New tools to increase the reliability of in vivo phage biopanning reported in Nucleic Acids Research

In vivo phage display is widely used for the identification of organ- or disease-specific homing peptides. In our study (lead authors PhD students Karlis Pleiko and Kristina Põšnograjeva), we developed new tools to streamline in vivo biopanning screens.  Our approach allows differential mapping of homing ability and organ-selectivity of peptide-displaying phages during in vivo selection based solely on the high throughput sequencing data. This study will accelerate mapping of vascular heterogeneity in vivo and, ultimately, catalyze progress toward development of affinity-guided smart drugs and contrast agents.

“In vivo phage display: identification of organ-specific peptides using deep sequencing and differential profiling across tissues”, Pleiko K, Põšnograjeva K, Haugas M, Paiste P, Tobi A, Kurm K, Riekstina U, Teesalu T; Nucleic Acids Research, (2021 Jan 14;; “;