Thursday, 04 June 2020 11:11

Collaborative reports with Prof. Santos and Prof. Salonen in Finland and Prof. Mougdil in the USA.

From left to right: Prof. Hélder Santos, Prof. Jarno Salonen  and Prof. Kamal Mougdil. From left to right: Prof. Hélder Santos, Prof. Jarno Salonen and Prof. Kamal Mougdil.

Collaborative studies in interdisciplinary fields, such as nanomedicine, are critical for developing synergies and robust translationally relevant platforms.

Recently, our team participated in highly rewarding and productive collaborative research efforts with the research groups of Prof. Hélder Santos (on myocardial infarction targeting), Prof. Jarno Salonen (on development of novel hierarchically structured silicon nanoparticles) and Prof. Kamal Mougdil (on development of novel homing peptide that targets demyelinating neuroinflammatory lesions in brain).  In these interdisciplinary studies, our researchers contributed their expertise in development of advanced peptidic targeting ligands and nanocarriers.  We look forward for future successful joint research endeavors!

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